Don’t knock it till you try it: Fanny pack edition

I used to have a severe hatred for a fanny pack, they just looked dumpy to me and I love a good handbag! But then after thinking about it and seeing this trend all over the runway I discovered that it wasn’t the fanny pack that made the outfit look bad, it was what people paired with it that gave it that bad rap. So I decided to no longer knock it till I try it. So I scoured the internet and found a plain, faux leather fanny pack for the hefty price tag of $11 lol. Now the question was what to wear with it?!?!?

I decided to go with ruffles! This satin asymmetrical ruffle skirt paired perfectly with this ruffle sleeved top I got in my latest Wantable style edit! Added some fun sneakers and secured my fanny pack around my waist and I was in love! This outfit is fun, flirty and trendy without looking like you are wearing all of the forever 21 clearance rack lol ( we all know people like that)

So the verdict is: Yes! Say yes to the fanny pack! It’s fun, inexpensive and it’s kind of nice to hands free!

Skirt: ASOS and it’s on sale for $9!!!!

Top: c/o Wantable

Shoes: Michael Kors

Fanny pack: Shein

Sunnies: Quay

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