Stop waiting and start wearing

Disclaimer : When it comes to being a fashion blogger in Wisconsin there is one thing that is ALWAYS an obstacle….. the weather! Sometimes it’s just too darn cold out to shoot outside but you need to find somewhere fun and creative. And so when you ask ” why in a laundry mat?” I’ll say ” why not!”

Now about this epic outfit! This gold skirt is actually a vintage find that I have had in my closet for years! Not a bad find for $5, but I couldn’t find the perfect outfit for it. So, there it sat in my closet, waiting to be worn. Then the morning of my shoot I came across it hanging there and I was determined to rock a bad ass outfit with it! Wanting to dress it down I unexpectedly paired it with this cozy cropped sweater and bright red booties to add some dimension to the look. Sometimes the most random combinations create the most stylish outfits! Remember fashion is about having fun and taking risks. So find that item in your closet that you are waiting to find the perfect event, shoes, or moment to rock it and find a way to wear it!

Skirt: vintage

Sweater: scotch and soda

Booties: shoes of prey

Photo cred: Liz Klein

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