Pretty in Pink

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I have always loved changing my hair up. I admit that I get bored with my look very easily. So like most people I spend hours on Pinterest trying to find my next look. Usually it goes from brunette to blonde then back to brunette again and that goes the same with growing it out and chopping it. This time I wanted to do something a little more funkier. I wanted Rose Gold hair. Now this wasn’t something that I couldn’t just go to anyone to get done, I had to find the perfect hairstylist. That’s when my amazing photographer Liz  introduced me to Christina Gunderson, the owner of The Do Hair Design.

I was so nervous to go this fun, very trendy color. What if I hated it, what if I look like I’m trying too hard, what if it looks like I belong in a Hot Topic store circa 2005? Christina though was so knowledgable and made sure that I was getting EXACTLY the right shade of pink that I wanted and custom mixed some different colors to add dimension to the look. And to make sure that it looked as natural as possible, she hand painted the color with the balayage technique. Now this might seen tedious but this just shows the dedication and attention to detail that Christina has to make sure that every client walks out with the best result possible. She literally treats every head of hair as canvas for her works of art.

When I saw the results I was blown away! It was exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t have been happier. If you a

re looking for a fabulous salon in Milwaukee check out

The Do Hair Design

2266 N Prospect Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202

414) 223-4247

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