Fall 2018 Trends you need in your wardrobe

We are coming upon my favorite time of the year, FALL! The crispy air, the falling leaves, and all of the fashion moments are just some of the few things that I love about this season. For me fall fashion is always a little darker, a little edgier and a lot more my style! This years fall trends do not disappoint and I have put together the top trends that you need in your wardrobe along with options of where you can buy it at NOW! ( in both straight sizes and plus sizes)


Animal Print: This trend is back in full force! Colorful animal print as well as your standard cheetah print are all over the runway and is actually seen used as a neutral on a lot of outfits.

PRO TIP: Using Animal print as a neutral will work great for the heavy pattern mixing trend that you will see later in this article.

Runway: Animal-Print

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Satin Jumpsuit      Topshop Look         CityChic Mini     Rachel Roy Dress   ClareV. Clutch


Plaid and Tweed:   Plaid is a staple for fall, always has been and probably always will be. But this year it’s a bigger wardrobe must than its EVER been in previous years. Plaid is EVERYWHERE on the runway.

PRO TIP: Want a fun and exciting way to wear plaid?  How about mixing multiple plaids together! 



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Plaid Dress           Plus Blazer              Plus Skirt                Plaid Blazer           Plaid Pants


Western Inspired: Yippie! Time to cowgirl up with this trend! Western inspired looks were seen down the runway and are hitting the stores just in time for fall.

PRO TIP: Don’t go overkill on this trend, add some western details to your looks by having  one or two pieces western inspired. There is a fine line in this trend from looking chic and looking like Jessie from Toy Story. 



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Western Skirt      Western Shirt         Plus Shirt         Western Booties     Plus Dress 


Print Mixing: Here is where you can go WILD! Mixing prints is a great way to add dimension and sass to an outfit. Previously I have done a “Rules” of print mixing on the blog but this season the style world wants you to throw the rules out the window and mix prints until your heart is content!

PRO TIP: Use stripes and leopard as a neutral when mixing prints for easy and effortless styling. 



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Dress 1                    Dress 2                 Plus Dress 1             Dress 3                    Plus Dress 2


Shearling: This is the coziest of the trends this season. Shearling jackets, vest, boots and accessories are coming in hot this season and they are not only gonna keep you warm on the crisp fall night but they will have you right on trend for the season!

PRO TIP: Pair your shearling jacket with a white long sleeve, Black jeans, booties and wide brimmed hat for the perfect go-to casual look! 




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Plus Coat 1                  Coat 1                  Plus Coat 2               Coat 2                         Coat 3

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