Cleaning house with Poshmark

Cleaning out your closet can be stressful! But there comes a time where you need to let go of some pieces in your wardrobe. So how do you determine what to let go of? Recently Ive went thru my closet and these are the 5 questions I asked myself hat made it easier to decide what stays and what goes!

1. Have I worn it in the last year?

If you haven’t thought to wear something in the last year then trust me you aren’t going to grab it and put it on anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong there are exceptions like certain sentimental pieces like a wedding dress or a piece from a loved on that you can keep forever. But I’m general attire if you haven’t styled it or worn it in 365 days it’s time to GO!

2. Does it fit?

We all those pieces in our closet that we keep in hopes of being able to fit back into it. But in reality 99% of the time if you do get back to that size you’ll want to go buy new on trend looks anyways. So keeping your old college jeans are pointless because bedazzled butt, low rise jeans are hopefully NEVER going back in style!

3. Is it a classic piece or a trend from the past?

Classic pieces can withstand the test of time, but trend pieces change as the seasons change. Trend pieces we tend to spend less money on because they won’t be in our wardrobe that long while classics are investments! While classic pieces stay get rid of the trendy pieces that are no longer in style! Or you can be like me and box certain trendy pieces up for my kids someday( if that ever happens) and they will have great vintage pieces for their wardrobe when that trend comes back around!

4. Is it good shape?

The sweater that has been worn to threads, the shoes that the soles coming off of, or even the jeans that have a rip in the zipper. We all have pieces that at one point we have loved to death and just aren’t willing to part with just yet. Well go thru those and think are you willing to get them fixed or tailored to make them perfect again? If not part ways.

5. Does this piece hold sentimental value?

If a piece in your wardrobe has sentimental value to you, like your wedding dress, the outfit you met your spouse in, or a piece from a relative that is no longer with us. Then ALL of these rules don’t apply! Keep those. They are meaning full.

If any of these pieces fall fall into the categories and hold no sentimental value. Get rid of it!


After you decide what you are willing to part with, what do you do with them? Why not sell them!!!! I recently launched a site on Poshmark and you can post, negotiate deals and make sales all from your phone!

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*** This post was sponsored by Poshmark but all the opinions are my own***

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