What’s the hype: Eyelash extensions.

I’m on a constant search for good lashes. I’ve tried growth serums, mascaras, strip lashes, gluing individual lashes and yes, I’ve even tried lash extensions before.

My first experience with lash extensions wasn’t a great one. While the lashes looked pretty, the actual lash itself was still, uncomfortable and heavy. They were hard to brush out and as they started to fall out, I lost ALL of my natural lashes!!!!! Which meant I had to settle for strips for months. After that experience I swore off this go to beauty treatment.

Then I heard of Fabueyes, these lashes are soft, light and feel like your natural lash! Plus each individual lash can have up to 4 lashes in it! So that means you get a SUPER full and luxe looking lash. The whole process was simple and easy, I actually fell asleep getting it done! And let me tell you there is no better way to wake up then to wake up to having fabulous lashes 🙂

I’ve had them for about a month now (I loved them so much I even got a fill) and as they are growing out the amazing thing is, I’m not losing my natural lashes! These are the real deal and I’m not officially hooked.

Are you interested in getting lash extensions? Let me answer some common questions for you!

How long do they last?

They recommend getting fills every 2-3 weeks. And then after 2 fills, completely removing them, letting your lashes breathe and then getting a whole new set. This is done for hygienic reasons.

Can you wear mascara with them?

Short answer. No. But with these extensions you honestly don’t even need mascara. I admit at first it was weird to not do that part of my makeup routine but after a while it was so nice to not have to worry about that step!

Can I use all my normal skincare with them?

Yes, only thing is to avoid any oil based product from touching your eyes. The oil will soften the glue and pull the extensions out. So an oil free makeup remover will become your friend.

How much does it cost?

It varies depending on how extreme of a look you want! Starting at $75 and up. For reference my set costs: full set $165. Fills $90

Want to check it out?


11113 W Forest Home Avenue, Ste 240

Franklin, WI 53132


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