Fall 2018 Shoe Trends

I have already rounded up some of top apparel trends for all, but what about the shoes?!?! Lets be honest shoes can make or break an outfit. So which shoe trends are making its debut and which are making a comeback this season? Here are the Top 5 hottest shoe trends for Fall 2018.


1.The Dad Sneaker 

This trend is here to stay for the rest of the year. The chunky, 90s, dad sneaker are a staple for the season and lets be honest at least the comfort level of these will be amazing.

shoes dad


2. Architectural Heels

This season normal stilettos are boring, the new trend is to have heels with some fun architecture to the heel. Round, pyramid and even Kitschy heels are all over the runways. This is a great way to add some flair to an outfit without being TOO out there.

shoes 2


3.Western Inspired

Western Influence is all over ever trend this season, so its only obvious that western inspired shoes and cowboy boots be a hot trend!

shoes 3


4. Bows

I like big bows and I cannot lie! Bows of all sizes are all over shoes this season. This can also be an easy trend to do for a DIY for some of the shoes you already own!

shoes 4


5. Kitten Heels 

Kitten heels are a shoe with a heel 2in or lower. They are easy to walk in and they are another staple shoe for the season!

shoe 5

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