2018 Gift Guide: Splurge Worthy

1.Fab Perfume

I mean I think it says it all in the name……. it’s Fing Fabulous

2.Classic Handbag

Yes this handbag has a high price point but it will NEVER go out of style.

3.Heater/ Fan

I mean it’s a heater, it’s a fan, it’s a dyson so you know it’s great.

4.La Mer

The holy grail for skincare!!! Once they try this they will never use anything else .

5.Chic bracelet

This bracelet can also be customized with birthstones!

6.Hermes Blanket

This is the Rolls Royce of blankets.


The biggest damn candle you’ll ever see.

8.Dyson blow dryer

Cut their time getting ready in the morning with this chic blow dryer.


Why go to a coffee shop when you can bring the coffee shop to you!


Ultra fab distressed sneakers!

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