10 Netflix shows to binge during the Polar Vortex!

The Polar Vortex has finally hit the midwest and it is brutal. As of right now it is a balmy -18 degrees outside with a -40 degree windchill. So, for those of you that are curious, it is currently colder in my home of Milwaukee than it is in ANTARCTICA right now. Everything is currently closed down due to this insane cold blast, and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! Even bars are closed here in Wisconsin and if you know us Wisconsinites or are one yourself, you know that bars shutting down is pretty much a sign of the apocalypse for us. We LOVE to be able to day drink here. lol

So with most of us trapped in our houses for the next few days, I hope you have stocked up on wine, snacks and are ready to binge watch some prime tv on Netflix. Being a self proclaimed Netflix addict myself, I have put together my top picks for the best binge worthy shows.

1. Nailed it 

If you have ever tried to attempt a Pinterest baking project and it ended up failing miserably, this is the show for you. This is a baking competition that takes amateur bakers and challenges them to recreate some of the most elaborate baking projects for a cash prize. And let me tell you, the results are tragic and hysterical.

2. It Takes Two

This is an oldie but a goodie. If you are a child of the 90’s you will feel all sorts of nostalgia while watching this Mary-Kate and Ashley classic.

3. The Office

Speaking of oldie but goodies, The Office is always a good binge choice. Curl up with a cozy blanket, some coffee and re-watched this classic comedy sitcom. It will be hard to not crack up at the insane pranks Jim pulls on Dwight.

4. Instant Hotel

I first heard about Instant Hotel from my BFF Andrea. A few weeks back she texted me that I had to binge it and text her when I was done. Let me tell you this show is hysterical. It’s an Australian reality show where couples who have Air BNB rentals compete in a completion to win the title of best rental and a trip to the Unites Sates. Each episode they stay in one of the other contestants rental and rate it. You are probably reading this thinking, ” How is this funny?”. Well, these people are so CATTY which makes it super funny. Just watch it and I promise Leroy will end up being your fave diva of the show! I seriously want him to get his own spin off!

5. Queer Eye

This show is just such an uplifting and positive show, that I promise you will make you cry happy tears at some point during your binge. The makeovers that the Queer Eye team give are not just for aesthetics but they are transforming these men from the inside out. It’s a funny, beautiful and happy to watch. Plus it has JVN…… enough said.

6. The Sinner

When a normal seeming mom snaps and stabs a complete stranger while spending the day at the beach with her family. She is faced with having to relive her past and open memories that she blocked out to discover what triggered her to kill. This show is dark, Im not going to lie, but it is super addicting and with so many twists and turns in the plot you are not going to want to turn it off until you get all the answers.

7. Santa Clarita Diet

This is a funny take on the zombie trend that has been happening ever since the start of The Walking Dead. A husband and wife realtor team are faced with a whole bunch of new hurdles when one of them dies and comes back as a zombie. With almost everything seeming to be back to normal, besides the whole zombie thing, they are now faced with one issue. To keep the craving for human flesh under control and under wraps from everyone else in their community.

8. You

This show follows a classic love story, except for the fact that it isn’t classic at all. Boy stalks girls, girl falls for boy, boy starts killing everyone who gets in the way of their love.

9. Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

If you are a true crime lover like myself, then you will be glued to the screen watching this. Listen to actual tapes of Ted Bundy talking about the horrific crimes he committed and his 2 escapes from prison.


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