5 apps to avoid Blogger Burn Out

I admit, I’m constantly on my phone or computer. If you are a blogger like me,  I’m sure  you can relate to this as well. Bloggers have their business constantly at their fingertips with these devices and while that is an awesome job perk, it can be equally draining. For a long time I felt the pressure to constantly be checking my phone, creating content and get those likes/followers. Looking at your business this way will in the end leave you burnt out and you will eventually need days away from technology to feel a sense of normalcy again. At least that is what I had to do. I would literally hide my phone on Friday and not touch it  for entire weekends because I was so drained. Only to go back Monday and continue this all over again. Creating a never ending cycle of Blogger Burn Out!

Once I started really planning my content and being deliberate with my social media brand, I started to finally feel the weight and pressure of always being on my phone start to subside. I try to plan my content now a month in advance. Are there some things that are totally spur of the moment? OF COURSE! But getting a general outline of the content I want to create for that month helps me plan  just enough so that I don’t feel like I have rush to get the content I’m proud of. For me it’s just writing down the blog post titles and then maybe a vision for the images. Also finding apps that help you to stay organized, create good content and help you run your brand more efficiently from your phone is the key to being successful while avoiding feeling burnt out. Im going to let you in on the 5 apps I use to run my business to avoid the dreaded blogger burn out!

* For the record none of these apps are paying me to promote them. I just genuinely want to see you all succeed as bloggers/content creators.

  1. UNUM

This is my go to for making a curated feed on my instagram. Something really important to me is making sure that it all flows well. You can rearrange, shift or drag and drop your images into the grid layout that is linked to your IG account to see how that image will flow before ever posting! You can set up calendar reminders to set times or dates for when you want certain content to post. Also you can preload the image and caption into your feed and schedule when it will go live on your IG. Which makes this super easy for content planning and you can knock out a whole month of content that is scheduled to go out on specific days in a day! Plus this app almost gives you every analytic you could ever imagine for you to track your business growth and follower authenticity.

Download UNUM


Those close to me know how much I admire the iconic blogger Tezza. Her aesthetic is effortlessly chic and her content is curated beautifully. When she came out with this app I knew I had to have it and try it out for my content. The Tezza app is filled with amazing editing presets (my faves are Vintage and Glow). Plus it also gives you access to her Guides on posing, editing tips and all of her tricks on how to be successful at creating beautiful content for your own feed.

Download Tezza

3. QuickBooks: Self Employed

This app is a MUST for any entrepreneur/ blogger that is starting to make an income from their site. This app is able to track your income, send invoices and receipts to brands you are working with, tracks your business spending , tracks your mileage for deductions and you can snap all of your business expense receipts and they are logged for you so tax time gets that much easier. This side of the business is usually the most frightening to tackle and let me tell you, even for me it took a while to learn and I am still learning! This app has been lifesaver plenty of times.

Download Quickbooks

4. Unfold

Unfold is a great way to add some pizazz to your stories. Even when you don’t have great content to share at the moment, just using this app can easily turn your stories from blah to OMG! lol You can also save them into individual pages or you can pre-plan your whole days stories with this app which is perfect for content planning.

Download Unfold


This is probably a given for most people but this has also been the most influential app of all for my business. Block Scheduling to carve out time in your day to get everything done has been a game changer for me. I literally have to be super structured in order to ensure that I stay productive through out the day. Otherwise I will sit on my couch and watch about 15 episodes of Forensic Files and get absolutely nothing done. This way you also have your social media time for the blog scheduled too so that you feel productive but also so that you don’t feel like you are obligated to be glued to it all day long.

Now onto the outfit in the pics because I know you all are going to ask about it!

Top: C/O Maree Pour Toi

Skirt : C/O Maree Pour Toi

Handbag: Target Sold out

Jacket: Banana Republic

Shoes:Tory Burch

One thought on “5 apps to avoid Blogger Burn Out

  1. This is really useful, thank you. As a new blogger I’m always looking for things like this so again, thank you so much.
    Oh and I just looovvvveeee your look 😍
    Violet xx

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