Valentine’s Gift Guide: For Her

1.Classic Sunnies

Getting her a pair of classic designer sunglasses is something that will always be in style!

2. Luxe flowers

These flowers are packaged beautifully, and come in all different colors so you can get whatever rose your lady will love!

3. Valentine’s Day Lingerie

This bra and panty set are so cute with the heart detailing.

4.Cheeky Shoes

How cute are these heart flats?!?!? I mean come on.

5.Splurge Handbag

This is a splurge but it is also a piece she will keep in her wardrobe forever!


Everyone girl loves to get chocolate! Am I right?

7.Luxe candle

These are the holy grail of candles! I love them and once they are finished burning, they make a perfect makeup brush holder.

8.Beautiful piece of jewelry

This Tiffany’s knot necklace is simple, elegant and will become the most prized possession in her jewelry case.

9.Something Naughty

This bra and panty set may be simple but this set also comes with a leather crop to add some 50 shades vibes to the bedroom.

10. Fancy Makeup

Us ladies all have those makeup items that we would LOVE to have but never bring ourselves to spend the money on. Vday is the perfect opportunity to surprise them with these items.

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