Fighting Winter Skin with Dermalogica.

    The winter months can be so harsh on your skin. Your complexion can get dry, irritated and for some people, the winter months mean an increase in breakouts. Why does our skin act this way in the cold? You would think that it would be calmer now than in the summer because you aren’t sweating and creating all of that skin congestion! Well, in fact during these cold months you are still getting skin congestion but it doesn’t clear up as fast because the sun isn’t out as much. Vitamin D actually helps relieve breakouts. Who Knew Right?!?! After learning this information and with my being super sick all last week the LAST thing I’d want is to somehow be MORE congested than I already am!! lol

    Thankfully my friends over at Dermalogica sent over some of their skin care staples to help me get thru these blustery winter months with even better skin than I had coming into it! I’ve been using these products for about 2 weeks now and I can honestly tell you that my skin feels so clean after using them. It’s an easy 5 steps regime that has completely helped keep my skin in check during this polar vortex. 

Step 1: The Pre Cleanse 

I have been pre-cleansing for years! How are you supposed to get the benefits from a great cleanser if you don’t take your makeup fully off first! If you don’t pre-cleanse and remove all of your makeup than all you are doing is just rubbing it around your face and not actually cleaning anything! 

This is super easy to use because you first apply it on a dry face and then after massaging it all over you then add water! After you add the water you it transforms from an oil based feel to a gentle lather and you after a quick rinse you are ready for step 2! 


Step 2: Special Cleansing Gel 

Now that you make up is all removed it is time to actually cleanse the skin. This gel cleanser is super gentile and a little goes a LONG way. Use this as you would any other facial cleanser. 


Step 3: The Daily Microfoliant 

This is my favorite of all of the products. I’m sure that you have been told at some point that you shouldn’t exfoliate every day. Well, this Microfoliant is gentle enough to use every day to ensure that you have smooth skin, combat that wintery dry, flakey skin and also helps fight signs of aging. I only use this one during my night time routine before bed. 

What makes this product so cool is that its actually a powder! Just a little dash of the powder, mix with a bit of water in your hands and start scrubbing. 


Step 4: Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50 

This broad spectrum anti-aging moisturizer is perfect to add to your morning routine. It’s a fantastic moisturizer that isn’t too sticky to thick for daytime wear and the SPF 50 is perfect to layer under your makeup. I use this one in the morning only and use thicker moisturizing creams and oils for at night.


Step 5: Stress Positive Eye Lift 

With the late nights and early mornings of working on the blog, this product has been a life saver for me. It decreases dark circles and de-puff tired, stressed eyes! 



** Dermalogica did gift me all of these products, but this post and reviews are not sponsored at all! All of the opinions are my own. 



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