How to wear your summer wardrobe in winter.

We have all been there, you find an adorable Spring/Summer piece that you NEED for your wardrobe and since it is out so season it’s on sale. But you are currently stuck in the dead of winter. How can you find a way to wear this closet addition NOW? Styling these pieces can be a challenge because you have to find the balance of a cute outfit and somehow being practical and stay warm. That’s exactly the challenge I was faced with when I found this linen, strapless, ruffled jumpsuit. Finding it on a sale rack for $6 was a steal and now I just needed to find a way to be able to wear it in this chilly Wisconsin winter.

For this look I decided the key to being able to rock this in winter was to add some layers. Pairing a mock neck body suit underneath the strapless jumpsuit not only adds warmth but it also add some textural dimension to the look. To continue adding more textures and layers to this look, I added a leather jacket and leather combat boots. Finally I tied it all together with a a belt, crossbody bag and a knotted headband. While it still isn’t the MOST practical winter look, adding these layers have made the jumpsuit be able to transition into a fall/ winter wardrobe.

***Keep in mind that this is on a GOOD Wisconsin winter day, sunny and in the high 30’s. This wouldn’t work on the bitter cold days that we can have.

Jumpsuit: Charolette Russe (SOLD OUT)

Leather jacket: Eloquii

Bag and Belt: Gucci

Boots: JustFab

Sunnies: Quay

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