Finding Balance Between The Hustle and Self Care

Modern day women and girl bosses are constantly being told 2 things:

1. To HUSTLE until we achieve our dreams


2. To practice SELF CARE.

Which can be contradicting. How can you hustle and still get enough sleep? Can you  be kicking ass as a girl boss and still take time out of your day just for yourself. It gets to be a constant battle of balance between the two after a while but it is possible to achieve. Taking some time out of your busy day to focus on your mental, physical and spiritual health is so important and equally beneficial to your success in your hustle!

I’m guilty of constantly being working! From planning posts, creating content, taking pictures and answering countless emails, it sometimes feels like the hustle never ends. For me, personally, my self care routine that I have implemented into my week is so important to maintain the hustle that I do. Taking the time out of my day to practice these self care routines help fuel my energy and allow me to stay focused on what I’m working so hard to achieve without getting burnt out. I have a secret to tell you guys: Lack of self care is what leads to burning out!   So what is my self care routine? Keep on reading to find out. 

As I said above there are different areas of self care the need to be a focus in order to achieve balance: Mental, Physical and Spiritual. Lets break down what I do in each area.


Mental health is a topic that is very close to my heart. Having suffered and continue to cope with anxiety in my daily life, I find maintaining strong mental health practices very important to me . Taking the time in my morning to practice gratitude journaling and meditation is the perfect way to start my day with the right intentions. Also on the flip side of my day, I have recently come to adopting the practice of having no screens on at least 30 mins before bed. Take that time to journal, read, and focus on spiritual wellness (we go into that more later) Plus doing this will result in better sleep over all. Let’s not forget that  maintaining mental health also requires some typical relaxation practices, for example: a bubble bath, a sheet mask, a glass of wine or even a 90’s music dance party in my living room.


Physical self care is important to ALL women of any shape or size. For me, taking the time to practice some yoga or go for a walk outside (when it isn’t freezing cold) is the perfect way to clear my mind or get the creative juices flowing again when I’m are in a content rut. Another way to maintain physical self care is to drink enough water! Not only is it good to stay hydrated but it also helps with your complexion and you mental clarity (see how this is all tied in together).


So many of us forget to take time in our day to focus on our spiritual wellness and self care. Spending time in the word of God every day and taking moments of prayer throughout your day or just taking some time to turn on some Hillsong and just spend a few moments in worship is the foundation to a well balanced day for me. One of my fave worship songs  is ” It is Well” which was written by a man who lost everything in his life and yet he was able to able to still praise God because ” it is well with my soul”. When you take the time to focus on you relationship with the Lord, you know that you can handle whatever you might face that day because you know that ‘ it is well” with your soul.

I hope that this look inside my personal self care routine and how I achieve balance in the self-care/ hustle culture we live in now, is helpful to you! What are some of your fave ways to maintain wellness in your life? Comment below!

One thought on “Finding Balance Between The Hustle and Self Care

  1. For me it’s important to spend time in nature whenever I can. Nothing grounds me more than being in the woods, trying to count how many different bird songs I can hear, or looking for the squirrel I know is rustling in the leaves not far off. Someone said once “you never come back from a walk feeling worse” and I think that’s so true. Perspective is easier to find when you take the time to be alone with your thoughts in the natural world.

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