Spilling the tea: My experience with Kybella

Welcome to a new series I’m adding to the blog called “Spilling the tea” where once a month I talk about my experience trying new products, beauty treatments and more! Are these products worth it? Were there results? How much does it cost? And anything else you would like to know will be answered here! This month let’s take a look at my experience with Kybella!

I have never had a defined jawline, I have always had a round face with a soft shape and a slight double chin. It has always been something I was insecure about and wouldn’t go away no matter what I did, believe me, I have tried! I remember in college I even tried this headband contraption that you would wrap around your face to be a trainer for your jawline to become more defined! Wish I was kidding!! So when I heard about submental fat killing injection called Kybella I knew I had to try it!

Here is my before!

How does it work?

Kybella (which is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid) is injected through the muscle into the submental fat layer beneath your chin. After a few minutes the acid kills the cells and in the weeks that follow, your immune system will naturally get rid of the cellular debris and permanently kill those fat deposits. With full results 4-6 weeks after the procedure.

What happens during the procedure?

When I went for my appointment I was so nervous! Topical numbing was applied and kept on for about 20 minutes before we began to help ease the pain of the actual injection. As I was numbing I discussed my problem areas under my chin and what type of results I wanted to see with the nurse injector. And at this point decided to treat the area aggressively by injecting the equivalent of 2 treatments at once! Which was equal to about 8 syringes and about 50+ needle pricks! Thank God for the numbing!

When it came time begin the procedure I was given ice packs and was told that this would help with the burning from the injections. Immediately after the injection began, the product started burning. Then as the injections continued it started to hurt in what I can only describe as a cramping sensation under my chin, this lasted for maybe 30 mins after the procedure. Overall from the start of the injections to the final prick, the procedure took about 10-15 mins.

What is the recovery like?

Keep in mind I received two treatments at once so my recovery and healing process is a little more severe than normal. But the first night I noticed that my chin was beginning to swell pretty significantly. This is normal and will be swollen for about a week after the procedure so make sure you have a lot of scarves to accessorize with. I was sore and icing throughout the night did help!

Then moving into days 1-3 of the healing process were probably the worst of it! The swelling was more prominent and almost like a jello consistency. (When I would talk my chin would actually jiggle like jello). Under my chin then became numb and that lasts for weeks after the procedure and I bruised pretty severely! After about a week through the swelling goes down, the bruising starts to subside and then you can get excited to see the results!

What is the cost?

On average it’s about $1200 per treatment ($2600 for 2 treatments at once like I did) and most people need 2-4 treatments for the results they are looking for!

How long does it last?

This permanently kills the fat deposits under your chin. And keep in mind full results are in 4-6 weeks! I’m on week 5 now!

My results:

As you can see in the pictures below and at the beginning of this post there has definitely been some results! I feel like I have more of a defined chin. That being said, I do feel like I would want another treatment to get the full results I want! But it’s a lot better than what it used to be! And I’m more confident now, not having to worry about my double chin.

Is it worth it?

Overall, I think this procedure is worth it if you are someone like me who is very insecure about their chin. I did see results and am pleased with the ones I got. While I do think the procedure is a little pricey, I do are myself getting the second treatment to get the full results I want! And that is the tea!

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