Turning party pieces into daywear

Who doesn’t love rocking a little sparkle, especially on a Monday! I know most people think that a sequins piece is dedicated for a party, an event or something formal. But I strongly think fashion should be fun and styling your looks should fit how you are feeling no matter what day of the week that is! So if you want to rock a sequins skirt on a Monday while grocery shopping ……DO IT!

So often we fall into fashion ruts, wear the same pieces or the same color. Why not step out of the box and try some more fun looks this week. Bust out those pieces that you have been saving for the right event and find a way to make them work in your life this week!

The key to wearing a more formal piece into your daily life is to pair it with more casual pieces. I tucked in a vintage inspired MTV T-shirt and leather Moto jacket to add a little Rock n roll vibe to the look. Then added silver cowboy boots to tie it all together!

Skirt: c/o Maree Pour Toi

T-shirt: c/o Rue 21

Boots: c/o Woman Within

Jacket: Levi

Purse: Gucci

One thought on “Turning party pieces into daywear

  1. That is not only an awesome ensemble, but I think you have the drop on the Haute Couture magazines by being perfectly placed within the aisle and the fashion focal point. 👏👏👏 BRAVA!

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