What’s the hype? Facial Brushes

You know me, I’m a skincare junkie. I try every lotion, cream, serum and mask you can think of. But I have been slacking when it comes to buying a a facial brush. I honestly just wasn’t buying the hype for the longest time. So I decided to do my research and get some key questions answered!

Do they really help deep clean THAT much better?

They do! The bristles penetrate deeper to get rid of dirt and debris. A facial brush also provides blood flow and helps detox your skin! Plus it tightens the skin to reduce the visibility of pores.

Will the brush actually irritate my skin?

As long as you use enough water and cleanser with the brush you shouldn’t see any extra irritation with a brush.

Won’t this make me over exfoliate?

Most brushes bristles are gentle enough for daily exfoliation without over exfoliating.

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