The furry kids meet the Easter Bunny!

Where are my dog moms at?!?! My two little boys aren’t on my social too often (mainly because they usually don’t sit still long enough for me to take a cute pic) but they are my furry children.

Cooper is a soon to be 10yr old black cocker spaniel that I have had since he is 4weeks old. He was too little to be away from his mom when I got him. For weeks after I brought him home I had to bottle feed him and sleep on the floor with my hand in his crate so he could be touching me to fall asleep. When they say dogs are like their owners, he is me in dog form. He loves naps, doesn’t like the outdoors, loves food and it sometimes takes us a minute to warm up to new people.

Winston is a 3yr old Schnauzer who I have had since he was 3 months old. When I saw a “free to a good home he’ll be out down” fb post someone shared, I knew I had to save him. So I drove by myself to a very sketchy neighborhood to pick him up in a gas station parking lot. Looking back I realized how unsafe that was for me to do. But the owner passed him to me thru the window of his car and sped off. He is the life of the party, wants to be everyone’s friend, and so sweet.

It’s amazing how much these little fur balls are so much more than pets, they are family!! I know so many other dog/cat moms who can relate to that! So when all of my friends are getting pics of their children with the Easter bunny , I knew I had to get done with my kids too!lol

I’ve partnered with SouthRidge Mall for their Pet Photo Night! On Sunday, April 14th from 6-8pm (after the mall closes) you can bring your pets to the mall and get adorable pics of your babies with the Easter bunny! The staff is amazing and while it usually takes forever for me to get a cute pic of my two, they were able to get so many cute options for me to use! Make sure you check it out!

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