Go Bucks Go!

With the next chapter of the Bucks playoff games fast approaching everyone is rocking Bucks attire! But what about the fashionista who don’t want to wear a jersey while still cheering on the home team? Wether you are going to the game or a playoff party, I’ve put together 4 looks for you to subtly rock the bucks green without compromising your love of fashion!

1.Rocker Chic:

Layer your Bucks Green with a bad ass Moto jacket, destroyed skinny jeans and studded boots. Plus a waist bag so you are hands free to double fist those beers:)

2. Athleisure:

Think of this as sporty spice 2.0. Throw on a Bucks Green Adidas midi dress, some chic sneakers and a cute more sporty belt bag! Add a green duster and some sunnies to block out all the haters when the Bucks won!

3. Trendy

If you are a super trendy fashionista this look is perfect for you! A Bucks Green off the shoulder top tucked into some over sized camp joggers. Throw on a mini backpack, some booties and those baby sunglasses to give a full on Kardashian on the sidelines of the game vibe!

4. Glam

Wether you are wearing your Bucks inspired gear to work or just can’t possibly go without a statement heel, this look is for you. Tuck your Bucks Green into a chic midi skirt and drape a boyfriend blazer over your shoulders! Add some statement heels, a headband and a structured handbag that will surely get you a 3 pointer in style!

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