Tips for the Beginner Plant Lady

One my goals for this year was to incorporate more plants in my apartment! This may not sound like a lofty goal to some but for me, the girl who somehow managed to kill a cactus, this is a whole new world to me. After doing some research I started bringing some plant babies into my home and have managed to kept them thriving. I now have a full indoor herb garden for cooking and plenty of greenery in my space.

So what tricks helped me go from plant killer or miss green thumb? Let me tell you!

1. Start with low maintenance plants:

This was a simple way for me to dip my toe into plant mom life. Finding a plant that doesn’t require a lot of time and attention is perfect for busy boss ladies like myself.

Some good low maintenance plants are:

• Snake Plant

• Spider Plant

• Philodendron

• Succulents

• Aloe Vera

• Rubber Plant

2. Get to know your plants:

Do your research on the plants you choose! Pick the best plant for the location you are putting it. Know how much sunlight and water it will require to give you the best chance of having the plant thrive.

Also if you are a pet owner making sure that the plants you choose are pet friendly as some plants cane be deadly to our furry friends if ingested!

*Pinterest has some great charts to breakdown all of this.

3. Keep it Pretty

Going thru once a week and pinching off old, dead blooms will help your plant to stay healthy and happy. Cleaning the leaves if they get dusty to not only make it more aesthetically pretty but will help with photosynthesis!Lastly, repotting your plant as it grows so it has plenty of room to thrive is key to keeping your plant happy and healthy!


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