Finding the perfect white jeans.

White denim is a staple for every summer wardrobe. They are also one of the most unforgiving pieces to wear and can make finding the perfect pair hard to find. But there are some key ways to ensure that you not only find some fabulous white denim, but you also look great in them too!

1. Sizing/Fit

I’m a big advocate for not getting hung up on the size of piece and to focus on how it FITS you. Every brands sizing is different and so don’t feel bad if you have to adjust your sizing accordingly. As a rule of thumb, I usually size up in white denim just because they can be unforgiving and you don’t want them to be too tight. But, this al depends on the brand. To ensure I have the right fit, I ALWAYS try on white denim before buying.

2. Material

For me, the perfect white denim is going to be thicker material and has a bit of stretch. This helps maintain its shape as well and helps with the see-thru factor. Thinner material can become see thru and that’s when you get the dreaded VPL (visible panty line). Also, the thicker the denim the more forgiving it is going to be on your booty and thighs. Aka concealed cellulite lol

3. Color

Not all white denim is created equal, sometimes the coloring is a little off. Trust me, when you go to shop for a pair lay all of the white denim you try on next to each other and you will see how every pair is different. If you want to perfect, crisp summer white denim make sure that you get a TRUE WHITE.

Outfit details:

Top: C/O Luv Me More

Jeans: Madewell

Bag: Splurge: Chloe Steal: Amazon

Shoes: C/O VANELI shoes

One thought on “Finding the perfect white jeans.

  1. If I wore white, I’d immediately spill either coffee or chocolate on them! Or maybe ketchup, if I were at a picnic. I have a white sweater for summer and it’s never been out of my closet because I just know what will happen. You’ve inspired me to unearth it and wear it this year!

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