Summer Moisturizers for every skin type

Skin care has been a topic that I have been passionate about for a while. Especially now that I’m officially 31 and IN MY 30’s, maintaining my skincare routine year round is even more important.

Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized is easy in the winter months because that is when your skin feels dry and “thirsty” in a sense. But what about in summer? A lot of people skip this step in the warmer months because it can leave their skin feeling greasy and congested. But this step in your regimen is one that should never be skipped. You just need to find a good “Summer Moisturizer” for your skin type, so your skin can stay hydrated and fabulous even in the Heat Wave. So, how do you know which one is right for you? Keep on reading to find out.


Go for a light weight gel moisturizer. This will be easily absorbed into the skin so your complexion will feel hydrated without feeling congested.

Try: Clinique ID ( I get it with the blue serum for uneven skin tone)


Still continue to use your rich cream moisturizer or opt for a lite cream. And maybe even add some Vitamin E serum into the regimen to help keep it hydrated all season long.

Try: Loccitane Immortelle Devine Lite Cream


Look for a moisturizer with Ceramide. This will help balance the oiliness in the T-zone while keeping you dry cheeks hydrated.

Try: Pixi Beauty Rose Ceramide Cream


Since you already have balanced skin you can use a lightweight lotion moisturizer with anti aging properties all season long.

Try: Farmacy Beauty Honey Drop

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