My Must Have Summer Survival Products

I know this is going to be the unpopular opinion but, summer is NOT my fave season. I HATE being too hot and with the heat brings an all new set of beauty struggles! You get sweaty, sunburnt and for a big booty Judy like myself, chaffed. But have no fear because I have found my top 5 items that help keep me fresh, pretty and happy in summer!

5. Coola Scalp and Hair Mist

I larger myself in sunscreen all the time but the one place I ALWAYS used to forget it my scalp. Especially my part in my hair. This spray not only protects your hair from sun damage but it also has SPF 30 to protect your scalp as well.

4. Busy Beauty Showerless Wipes

These body wipes are perfect to throw in your bag and use when ever you need a quick freshen up! No water required!

3. Dermae Scalp Relief Shampoo and Conditioner

This one is good for year round but is a must have especially in summer. This is perfect if you did get your scalp burned, it’s peeling or you have flakes from dry shampoo build up. This soothes and treats your scalp and gives you amazing hair (plus for me it helps gets more days in between washes)

2.Megababe Bust Dust and Thigh Rescue

Megababe has been revolutionizing the chaffing game for a while now. Their thigh rescue is amazing to and doesn’t feel sticky or stain your clothes. It’s a game changer. The Bust Dust is just that…. Bust Dust! Spray this powder under your girls to fight the dreaded underboob sweat.

1. Bra In A Box

My top pick is the Bra in a Box! These silicone nipple covers are the best I have ever used. The adhesive lasts all day long and they are comfortable. But the best part is that they are washable, reusable and come with a carrying case that help maintains their shape. I have worn these countless times this summer already!

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