Organizing your Hair Accessories +DIY with Goodwill

One of the biggest trends I’ve seen this year has to be cute hair accessories! From scrunchies, headbands, barrettes, and bows, it seems like if it’s cute and can go in your hair, it’s on trend.

I have been collecting these accessories from all of my shopping journeys (or late night wine fueled online shopping sprees if I’m being honest) and realized I needed a great way to store them in my office/closet. 

I searched high and low for something that would display these pieces nicely on my dresser so I could easily throw them on when finishing a look. Now this may surprise you, but I found the perfect items to help me organize my hair accessories at GOODWILL! 

I found a gorgeous gold bracelet jewelry holder, that was not only brand new with tags on it, but it was only $4! It also just so happens to be the perfect way to store my headbands so they are on display and maintain their shape. 

Next up, I needed to find something for my barrettes. Then I found a cute white bowl at Goodwill for .50 and I decided it was the perfect canvas to try a fun DIY on. 

I created the adorable marble effect on the bowl by adding drops of nail polish to a bowl of warm water, then dipping this white bowl into it. It creates the perfect marbling and was so inexpensive! Who would’ve thought finding the perfect, chic way to organize my barrettes and headbands could easily be found at Goodwill for less than $5! 


** this post is Sponsored by Goodwill But all of the opinions are my own*** 

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