How to take a pic like an influencer!

Lately, I have been getting so many questions about the editing of my images on social media. What apps do I use, where do I find the locations, do I use presets and what I’ve learned since I started shooting everything from my Iphone! That’s right, I haven’t worked with a photographer or DSLR camera in over a year and all of my content is shot and edited straight from my phone.

Today I’m sharing the raw images, no editing, no filters. And showing you what I use to create the finished products with you all. So, you too, can have content like an influencer:)

1. Get acclimated to your IPhone Camera:

Play around with your cameras modes. Personally, Portrait mode is a fave of mine. Set the focus on your point of focus for the picture (for me it’s usually my face) which you can do by tapping the screen so the yellow box is over what you want to focus on. Adjust the lighting by moving the sun icon next to this box up and down. Then you are ready to shoot!

2. Location, location, location:

So often I would get hung up on finding the perfect location or “blogger wall” which don’t get me wrong I do still love. But one thing I learned is that you can make ANY location a great photo op if you look at it from a creative perspective and edit it right! Some of my fave content I have was shot in the canned meat aisle of a dollar store lol. Find the right angle to shoot your image, with a good background and be creative!

3. Make it pretty:

Now you have your raw images but they aren’t insta-worthy yet. Time to make some tweaks and do some touch ups before adding the filter to make is all aesthetically cohesive. Keep in mind I don’t use every app for every pic but below is the list of apps I have and use when needed to touch up a picture.

Editing app:

VSCO helps adjust the lighting, saturation and exposure and more

Facetune (use this sparingly) use this to hide a zit or brighten eyes. But be careful because a this app can be easily overdone.

PicsArt have a random person in the back of the perfect image. This app lets you easily delete anything in the pic that you don’t want to be there. This also is where I get my fun add ons (stars, sequined borders, neon outline)

4. Preset Time:

If you are know me, you know I love Tezza and everything about her aesthetic. I use her preset Tezza App on all of my pics to make my content aesthetically cohesive! The vintage preset is life!

5. Post:

Now you have a perfectly edited app that is influencer worthy so go ahead and post it! But remember to have fun, practice what aesthetic work best for you! Be creative and HAVE FUN!

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