Spilling the Tea: Facial Oils

What are the benefits of facial oils?

The main purpose of facial oil is to intensely hydrate the skin. Oils moisturize so much more than a cream moisturizer due to the face that is mimics your skins natural sebum production. Oils also contain fatty acids which help protect your skin from free radicals.

What’s the difference between Oils vs Serums?

Serums are used to mainly treat targeted skin issues whiles oils are purely for moisture.

How do I know if a Facial Oil is right for me?

Oils work best for dry, normal and dry/combo skin.

When do you use Facial Oils?

Facial Oils should be applied after serums have been absorbed into the skin and be the last layer you put on. It can be applied morning and evening. I prefer to use it at night and then jade roll it until it’s absorbed.

Will Facial Oils cause breakouts?

Yes and no. It depends on your skin and the type of oil you are using. If you are acne prone, you will want to go for a more light oil.

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