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Warning This post contains graphic content. Graphic tees that is! I have a major love of graphic tees. Vintage or new I always have a huge collection of graphics. While my first love is a good vintage band tee, due to not only the aesthetic of them but the history behind them. Thinking about the story of who originally bought it or the memories that are attached to that tee.

Even when I find a new graphic I tend to DIY it to make it look more vintage. Adding rips and holes to give it character, like I did to this Harley Davidson Tee. But how do you wear a distressed tee to look stylish and not sloppy? Let me break it down for you.

1. Give the look some structure:

In the outfit above I paired my graphic with a wool, structured skirt. This gives a great juxtaposition of both casual and dressy to create a unique outfit.

2. Add layers:

Throw on a jacket to create a layer and dimension to the look

3. Create a Shape:

T shirts can be boxy and not give much shape. I like to tie them if paired with a high waisted bottom. Or add a belt bag/ belt over the tee to create shape.

Outfit Details:

Skirt: C/O Jessica London

Graphic tee: C/O Harley Davidson

Jacket: Just Fab

Shoes: Just Fab

Headband: Amazon

Handbag: Dior

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