2019 Gift Guide: For Kids

1. Ugg boots $149

Yes, these may be a very “basic” item in the fashion world for adults. But they are so darn cute on kids!

2. Wooden blocks $40

These classic wooden blocks are perfect for any child to build a magical castle

3. Sweater $39

Give the gift of style with an adorable on trend sweater

4. Play Tent $120

What kid wouldn’t love to play in their own “fort”!

5. Science Kit $50

Learning can be fun with a hands on science kit!

6. Feminist books $15

Teach girls at a young age to be strong independent women with these books ( there are also ones for boys to be gentleman)

7. Teether Necklace $30

This is for both mom and baby! Worn by mom to always have teething toys on hand while still looking cute.

8. Rocking Horse $180

Not only is this rocking horse a classic toy but it is so chic in this plaid!

9. Play Gym $99

This is by far the most stylish play game I’ve ever seen for babies!

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