Creating custom lipsticks with Lipstickology

How many times have you been shopping for the perfect lipstick shade but come up empty handed? The nude is TOO pink, the red is TOO orange, the Matte is TOO drying or it’s not kiss proof at all! Don’t you just wish you could create your perfect custom shade?

Well thanks to Lipology in Brookfield, WI you can! This studio let’s you create your own custom lip shades from the exact color, name of shade and even the scent!

When you arrive at your appointment, you meet with Dr Sandra French who is not only the owner but the lipstickologist herself! You talk about what you love in lipsticks and what you wish you could change. This helps her gauge what kind of formula she would suggest for you. She has samples of every formula so you can try, swatch and decide which one will be the perfect base for your creation. For my 2 shades I chose a liquid matte lipstick and a classic matte lipstick.

After deciding on the base comes the fun part! Playing with color! Pick the undertones, the amount of shimmer and add frost if you want! Plus you can add a plumping factor to your formula! Dr. French will mix a batch of your shade and have you try it, then tweak it from there! Once you find the perfect shade you pick the scent,m. There are so many to choose from: mimosa, chocolate, vanilla and my personal fave Peppermint! Once it’s all mixed and melted it’s time to pour into the components. After 5 mins they are hardened and ready to go! The standard custom creation session starts at $40 and up. This is such a fun experience and a great gift idea! Perfect for girls night.

To book an Appointment:


Call tel:414-213-8597

Or email

Located at My Salon Suite – 14625 W Capitol Dr. Suite 302 Brookfield, Wisconsin

Follow on Instagram: @lipstickology

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