The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Holiday Baking

There are two types of girls during the holiday season; one is a champion at holiday baking and the other buys pre-made cookies at the grocery store on their way to the party! I happen to be the latter.

I usually end up grabbing something last minute and store bought. Usually due to the fact of being too busy and/or too lazy. Don’t get me wrong, I attempt to bake but as hard as I try, I will never be a domestic baking diva and I’ve accepted that lol. But now after years of experience being THAT GIRL I now have some go to, fool proof, recipes that are perfect for the busy or lazy gal! So I decided to share some of these recipes with you! First up are

Sugar Cookie Truffles:

What you need:

• pre made sugar cookies

• cream cheese

• white melting chocolate


Step 1: Crumble sugar cookies into a bowl.

Step 2: Mix in Cream Cheese

Step 3: Add sprinkles

Step 4: Roll into Balls and Freeze for 15mins

Step 5: Coat in Melted Chocolate, Add Sprinkles and Freeze Again to set

Step 6: Serve and Enjoy

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