6 things to Quaran-Stream

Now that practically EVERYONE is on lockdown it’s time to find some great things to stream during the quarantine. It’s time to quaran-stream! I put together a list of my 6 faves to binge/stream to help you thru this time.

1. Tiger King

This show is the most amazing shit-show you will ever see. It have murder plots, homemade country music videos, a run for president, epic mullets, polygamy, cult claims, oh and tigers! Just when you think it can’t get crazier, it does!

2. Marriage Story

While this is a complete 180 from number 1, this movie is captivating. As someone who isn’t a huge Scarlett Johansson fan, her performance in this movie with Adam Driver is nothing short of brilliant. This heart wrenching drama following a journey of a marriage ending is a must watch.

3. Cheer

I’m sure everyone has watched this already but I def am going to re-watch it just to hear Jerry mat talk. His positivity is everything we need to get thru this time.

4. Love is Blind

A 3 week experiment to date without seeing each other until you are engaged is a fun take on a dating show. And shows that need a mental connection just as much if not more than a physical connection in a relationship.

5. Fortune Feimster Sweet & Salty

This comedy special is hilarious! Such a bright moment to just laugh and forget about all of the Corona scaries!

6. Schitt$ Creek

With 5 seasons on Netflix this is a binge for the long haul. It’s funny, it’s sweet and it’s an all around good watch!

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