6 Quarantine Must Reads

Let’s be real, you can only watch so much on every streaming channel possible before you get bored. So what else can you do to stay busy during quarantine? BOOKS! I love to read and I wish I made time to do more of it. So I figured with now being on lockdown till at least the end of April, that now is the perfect time to start reading more.

Here are my 6 must reads for your quarantine!

1. Do You Mind If I Cancel? – Gary Janetti

This book is a hilarious compilations of essays of all the things that annoy him! It’s so relatable and an all around great laugh out loud Read.

2. Open Book- Jessica Simpson

This is a juicy book! Take a look into the life of Jessica Simpson, her wins, her struggles and all the behind the scenes.

3. I’ll Be Gone In The Dark- Michelle McNamara

This book is perfect for all of my fellow true crime fans. Follow a woman’s obsession to cracking the Golden State Killer case and dive into the case files!

4. Someone We Know- Shari LaPena

This thriller is a classic who done it! A murder in the neighborhood and finding out you don’t know your neighbors as well as you might think. Most people will go to any lengths to keep their secrets just that, secret.

5. Uninvited- Lysa Terkeurst

Have you ever felt left out? Alone? Lonely? This is the perfect book to help you overcome that! This book shows you how God is always there and you are never truly alone.

6. The Couple Next Door – Shari LaPena

This book I couldn’t put down. After her baby goes missing a round mother is desperate to find her daughter and leans on her family for strength. But as the investigation unfolds she discovers that her family might now be as honest at they seem.

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