Boujee Boho: Bedroom Reveal

It’s official, at the age of 33, I have finally found my aesthetic! I like to call it Boujee Boho. So over the last few weeks I have been upgrading my apartment to add some boho touches to it. The first room that is complete or at least I thought it was until I found an amazing bench to replace the one in these pics. Lol So keep scrolling to see the full reveal some hacks I used to get boho on a budget!

Tip 1: $11 wall decor hack: found these gold frames from dollar tree and then printed off the images that I bought from Etsy!

Tip #2: Use your hats as decor! I was able to hang mine with command hooks and they fit the vibe of the room, take the place of art work, and are a good way to store your them!

Tip #3: Don’t have time for the upkeep of plants but love the look of them? Find some great faux plants or dried floral stems to get the look without the work!

Tip #4: The best places to find boho on a budget include

  • Target
  • Goodwill
  • AtHome
  • Kirklands
  • Etsy
  • World market
  • Homegoods/ Marshall’s
  • Fivebelow (for some things)
  • Amazon

2 thoughts on “Boujee Boho: Bedroom Reveal

  1. This is a great look, especially for summer. So cool and inviting. You could have another career as an interior designer!

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