5 mascaras I can’t live without!

5 mascaras I can’t live without!

I have always been a self proclaimed "mascara whore". I try ever new mascara out there in search of the perfect formula. One that creates volume, length and fullness without becoming clumpy or flaky. For the longest time I used around 3-4 different mascaras a day to achieve this look but now I have found [...]


Pajama Rama 

When I first saw this pajama trend, I admit, I was skeptical. I knew I wanted to try it out but I also knew that there was a definite fine line between chic and rolled out of bed vibes to this look. Then the Victoria Beckham line preview came out at Target and there it [...]

The perfect foundation

One of the keys to having a great outfit is having solid foundation pieces underneath the outfit. The right bras, panties or shape wear can make out break a look. How many times do you see a cute outfit but can tell that the bra doesn't fit right or just creates that awful back roll [...]

Flowers for Dreams 

Flowers for Dreams has come to Milwaukee and I couldn't be more excited! Flowers for Dreams has been a staple floral delivery service in Chicago for the past few years and they are expanding their market to the Milwaukee area. What is so great about this amazing company is that all the flowers are locally [...]