Sheer madness 

Sheer clothing is a huge trend for fall, hell Kim Kardashian has practically been walking around LA almost naked these last few weeks. But this trend can be really scary for anyone plus size or just not comfortable with their body! I wanted to try this trend for a while now but I’ll be honest was too afraid to rock it. Thinking I couldn’t pull it off. Then I realized that being afraid to rock this trend was sheer madness ! So, I just decided to say F what everyone says, F the “rules” and F what society thinks about being proud of your body as plus size women. Let me tell you this is one of my fave looks to date! I feel confident, sexy and chic. Plus I realized that the biggest critic I have was the one in my own head. So go out there, be confident and rock this trend no matter what shape or size you are:) 

Skirt: Universal Standard

Top: c/o Universal standard

Bra: Hips and Curves

Shoes: ASOS

Bag: c/o torrid ( sold out) 

Sunglasses: the real real 


Flowers for Dreams 

Flowers for Dreams has come to Milwaukee and I couldn’t be more excited! Flowers for Dreams has been a staple floral delivery service in Chicago for the past few years and they are expanding their market to the Milwaukee area. What is so great about this amazing company is that all the flowers are locally crafted, they wrap the flowers in recyclable cloth, the vases are all made of reclaimed materials, the delivery is free and the bouquets are only $35! But the best part about them is that a part of every bouquet sales goes to support a local charity right here in the Milwaukee! How awesome is that! 

Last week I was invited to attend an event thrown by Flowers for Dreams for Milwaukee Influencers to learn about the company and connect with the CEO. The passion behind this company is so inspiring and the bouquets they have are simply stunning. I cannot wait to send these flowers to everyone I know! 🙂

Click the link To order flowers or learn even more about this amazing company Flowers for Dreams 
Outfit details: 

Jacket and jeans: c/o Dia and co

Top and shoes: c/o Torrid

Getting perfect brows with Brow Studio MKE

I always want to try the latest and greatest when it comes to beauty treatments. So when I hear about microblading I was instantly intrigued. Which you can imagine my excitement when I partnered with Brow Studio MKE to get the treatment done. When I got to the studio, I was greeted by a very friendly front desk girl who had me fill out paperwork. Since microblading is a form of temporarily tattooing you have to fill out the forms like you are in fact getting a tattoo. Which I’m all too familiar with being that I, myself have 15 tattoos. 

After the paperwork was complete I was taken back to the brow room by Sabiha. She instantly put me at ease and was very easy to talk to. She looked at my brows and told me that I didn’t need microblading at all! I was shocked since I have such blonde eyebrows. She told me that yes, they are blonde but they are thick and full. Microblading is to make them look fuller which I do not need. Her honesty was refreshing. She instead suggested that we thread them and dye them to match my brunette hair better. As most of you know, I’m a natural blonde and I dye my hair dark. So dying my brows would eliminate having to fill in my brows to make them appear darker everyday. 

Sabiha proceeded to thread my brows into a perfect shape for my face. And then put the dye on them. It processes for about 15 mins and after words she cleaned it off and made sure everything was even and perfect. I was so impressed with how detailed she was with making them perfect. After seeing the final result I was so happy! I will always go back to this studio for my brows, not just because of my after look but because of the honesty they had with making sure I got the right treatment that was right for me and my brows. 

Make sure you check them out:) 

Brow Studio Mke 
P: (224) 433-9536


Mayfair Mall

2500 N Mayfair Rd,

Wauwatosa, WI 53226

(inside Mr. Dino’s hair salon)

Business Hours
Mon: Closed 

Tue – Sat : 11am to 8pm 

Sun: 11am to 6pm

Focusing on Wellness with YoungLiving 

I have always been intrigued by essential oils and the benefits that they have, but of course I had NO CLUE how to add them into my everyday life. How do you use them?  Which oil do you use for what? How much of the oils do you use?  For me the only oils I had any knowledge about was coconut oil that I use in my hair masks lol. So when I was decided to partner with Stefanie for a blog post on YoungLiving Essential Oils I admit, I was nervous. Fashion posts are easy for me but this is something I knew nothing about.
When I met with Stefanie, she was so knowledgeable and helpful. She was able to answer so many of my questions with ease and her knowledge about essential oils was so impressive. She was able to take what my goals were for using oils and make suggestions for what ones would work perfectly for my needs. If you are in the Milwaukee area, be sure to reach out to her if you are interested in Essential Oils.

So what are Essential oils?

  • They are aromatic liquids from plants that have hundreds therapeutic properties
  • They are very aromatic and absorb into the blood stream quickly
  • Odor-neutralizing
  • Emotionally uplifting and brings balance to the bodies systems

How do you use Essential oils?

  • Aromatically: This can be done by using a diffuser, sniffing it straight from the bottle or putting a few drops in your hand and cupping your hands over your nose to breath in.
  • Topically: Applying 1-4 drops to the desired area is great and when you don’t know where to apply , the bottom of the foot is always a good call. The bottom of your feet contain the largest pores and most nerve endings!
  • Internally: You can mix in a drink, put a few drops on your tongue, add to a capsule or even use as food flavoring. Keep in mind not all oils are meant to used internally so do your research!

I have been using these oils now for over 2 months testing for what ones I like the best and to really take the time to be able to speak about my experience with these oils. I have mainly been using them in a diffuser in my office or having them on hand in my bag to smell when I need it.

My Top Picks: ( keep in mind this is based off of my personal needs and my life, everyone is different)

Lavender: This is great for balancing the body, promote relaxation and to get a restful sleep! Lord know I need that with my schedule and crazy busy life.

Peppermint: This is awesome for a providing energy and a ” wake-me-up” or to maintain mental alertness and concentration. Which is great for long nights of blog writing.

Stress Away: Stimulating, refreshing and elevates the mood

Ningxia Red: This isn’t an oil at all. This is a beverage that is made from wolfberries and super fruits which helps sustain energy. Let me tell you, this stuff is DELICIOUS!

Check it out for yourself by contacting Stefanie Melo



Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: @sparklystefka

DIY Makeup Remover

I’m always looking for ways that I can try making DIY beauty projects. Trying to find a way to not save money but also using simple ingredients so that I know it won’t be harsh on my skin. These eye makeup Remover pads are not only simple and inexpensive but they work crazy good!!!! 
DIY Makeup Remover 

1c Hot water 

2tbsp coconut oil 

2tbsp cleansing oil 

1tsp witch hazel 

8-12 drops of essential oil for scent 


Cotton rounds 

Step 1: mix coconut oil,witch hazel, and cleansing oil together in jar. Then add hot water and mix well. Make sure it is hot water to melt the coconut oil into a liquid.

Step 2: add an essential oil of your choice for scent. I used lavender de-stress oil. 

Step 3: add the cotton rounds to mixture. Press down until all rounds are coated with mixture and the liquid is all absorbed.

Step 4: keep them in your bathroom and use them as needed! These are great for getting off all makeup especially eye makeup! 

Top Ten Drugstore Makeup Finds

How many of you would love to go to Sephora or Barney’s and just drop bank on some high end makeup? Hey Im with you sisters, that is this girls dream. But lets go back to reality, we can’t always splurge on the pricey makeup that we long. As a fellow beauty on a budget I have found some great items that you can get at your local drugstore that has the quality of the high end products with a price tag that won’t break the bank.

So I present to you my Top 10 Drugstore Makeup Finds:

PRIMER: Maybelline Master Prime ($10)  This will make you makeup go on so smoothly and flawlessly! Its the perfect Primer for your makeup canvas.

CONCEALER: Maybelline Master Conceal ( $7.99) This product has been a go to of mine for a long time now. It is perfect for under eyes and doesn’t crease. This product is super pigmented too so a little goes a LONG way.


FOUNDATION: Mabelline Dream Velvet ( $8.99) This is a great foundation if you want to get that matte finish. Its not a liquid …. its not a mousse, its a texture all on its own. And it  lives up to its name because it goes on smooth and velvety.

CONTOUR PALLET: E.L.F contour pallet ($6) Perfect for contouring that perfect look that you saw that one YouTuber did a tutorial on:)

HIGHLIGHTER: LOREAL True Match Lumi ($8)  This Highlighter in the shade ROSE is beautiful!!! The perfect pop for that glowing look you always want.

EYESHADOW: REVLON Colorstay Not Just Nudes ($10). Now I admit it, I do own all of the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Pallets. Well this is just as great but with a way cheaper price tag.

MASCARA:  E.L.F  3 in 1 Mascara ($3) . I cannot live without this mascara! The brush is perfect for separating lashes and adding volume.

LASHES: KISS Lashes in SHY ($4)  These lashes are natural looking with the perfect amount of volume. No need to spend a ton of money on lashes!

LIPS: Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick ( $7) Im a sucker for a good, Red, long lasting lipstick. This one is so pigmented and it lasts ALL DAY without smudging.

SETTING POWDER:  E.L.F  HD setting powder ($6) Set your makeup with this awesome HD powder and it will stay all day long. Or apply it thru out the day to give a matte finish.

Beach bag essentials

I know, I know , I know! You are all thinking ” Pam summer is almost over, you are a little bit behind on the beach bag game”. Well and I say to you…….. You’re right, if you live in the Midwest like I do, you only get maybe 3 solid beach months a year. So Im soaking it in for as long as I can!

 Here are my 10 beach essentials: 
1. Good lip balm with SPF Fresh advance lip balm

2. A staw hat for added sun protection like this one from Gap

3. A good pair of sunglasses. These  Ray-Ban aviators are amazing! 

4. A cute swim cover up. Nordstrom

5. Big beach blanket Etsy

6. Cute beach bag Etsy

7. Neutral sandals Tory Burch

8. An insulated water bottle. Swell bottle

9. Sunblock!!!!! Nordstrom

Outfit details: 

Cover up: ( old) similar Here

Shorts: Forever 21

Sunglasss: Tom Ford

Bag: Henri Bendel

Watch: Michael Kors