Sheer madness 

Sheer clothing is a huge trend for fall, hell Kim Kardashian has practically been walking around LA almost naked these last few weeks. But this trend can be really scary for anyone plus size or just not comfortable with their body! I wanted to try this trend for a while now but I’ll be honest was too afraid to rock it. Thinking I couldn’t pull it off. Then I realized that being afraid to rock this trend was sheer madness ! So, I just decided to say F what everyone says, F the “rules” and F what society thinks about being proud of your body as plus size women. Let me tell you this is one of my fave looks to date! I feel confident, sexy and chic. Plus I realized that the biggest critic I have was the one in my own head. So go out there, be confident and rock this trend no matter what shape or size you are:) 

Skirt: Universal Standard

Top: c/o Universal standard

Bra: Hips and Curves

Shoes: ASOS

Bag: c/o torrid ( sold out) 

Sunglasses: the real real 


Flowers for Dreams 

Flowers for Dreams has come to Milwaukee and I couldn’t be more excited! Flowers for Dreams has been a staple floral delivery service in Chicago for the past few years and they are expanding their market to the Milwaukee area. What is so great about this amazing company is that all the flowers are locally crafted, they wrap the flowers in recyclable cloth, the vases are all made of reclaimed materials, the delivery is free and the bouquets are only $35! But the best part about them is that a part of every bouquet sales goes to support a local charity right here in the Milwaukee! How awesome is that! 

Last week I was invited to attend an event thrown by Flowers for Dreams for Milwaukee Influencers to learn about the company and connect with the CEO. The passion behind this company is so inspiring and the bouquets they have are simply stunning. I cannot wait to send these flowers to everyone I know! 🙂

Click the link To order flowers or learn even more about this amazing company Flowers for Dreams 
Outfit details: 

Jacket and jeans: c/o Dia and co

Top and shoes: c/o Torrid

A perfect fit featuring SLINK 

Let’s be real for a minute ladies, there are 3 things that are the absolute worst to shop for: swimsuits , bras and jeans! We have all been there trying on what seems like a hundred pairs of denim trying to find the perfect fit. But we always run into the same issues, too loose in the legs, doesn’t cover your booty, gives you that awkward gap in the back of the waist, or gives you the dreaded muffin top. Well ladies I too have felt this struggle many of times, so when I partnered with Slink Jeans I was skeptical. Yes, I’ve heard all the rave reviews about how comfy and flattering these jeans for curvy girls are. But I was gonna believe it when I see it. So when they arrived I ripped open the package so fast to try them on. And let me tell you, these are the BEST jeans I have ever worn. The length is perfect on my 5’10 frame, no gapping or muffin top, they dont stretch out and they are so soft and comfy! These have been my go to pair of jeans ever since I have gotten them. So make sure you check them out and you will never have those fitting room denim horror moments ever again! 

Jeans: Slink Jeans
Hoodie: Slink Jeans

Jacket: Levi’s (old) 

Heels: Prada

Sunglasses: Express (old) 

Snow White 

As I sit here in my office looking at the snow falling down, and I’m not talking cute Lifetime movie worthy snowfall, I’m talking like Snowmageddon style thanks to this polar vortex here in Wisconsin. I thought I would do a post showcasing this fabulous winter white dress that is perfect for all the rule breakers this holiday season. There has been a ” fashion rule” to not wear white after Labor Day for as long as I can remember and while I’ve always been a rule breaker and  did things my own way, a lot of people seem to still follow this adage. To me there is something so chic and crisp about wearing white in winter. You have this angelic look when you are wearing white and snow falling down outside. So when I found this dress I knew I wasn’t going to wait till summer to wear it. In the pictures above ( which was a lot warmer out when they were shot) I paired it with some studded booties and a clutch. Now that it is bitter freezing cold out, I would pair it with some tights or leather leggings , boots and a great coat! Dont let fashion ” rules ” hold you back from wearing what you love, because sometimes those ends up being some of the best outfits yet:) 


Booties:Nasty Gal ( same website but the ones I have on are older) 

Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff

Watch:Michael Kors

Autumn Floral

Liz Klein | Photography & Design, LLC - http://www.lizkleinphoto.comLiz Klein | Photography & Design, LLC - http://www.lizkleinphoto.comLiz Klein | Photography & Design, LLC -


I love a good floral print number, but they are usually reserved for the spring/summer season due to the fact that they don’t always coincide with the fall/ winter color pallets that we love. So when I found out that Fall/ Winter Florals were on trend this season,I couldn’t have been happier. The dark hunter green background, mixed with the muted and neutrals of the floral on this dress are the perfect balance. The sheer sleeves still allow you to show some skin will still being covered for the colder months. Pair this with some nude heels and a clutch like I did. Or throw some tights on under it and some boots to give it more drama. This is a great piece to have in your wardrobe this season and its only $15!!!!


Dress: Charlotte Russe

Heels: I got these from GOODWILL for $5! Ive linked a similar style at  Steve Madden

Clutch: Old (Similar Here)

Watch: Apple

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Ive endured the bad dates so you don’t have to. Online Dating do’s and dont’s:

Dating is rough, trust me I know, I have tried everything to find Mr. Right. Ive found some Mr. Right Now’s , some Mr.Better off Friends  and some Mr.Not EVERs. My friends have always told me to try onine dating and see what I can find on there. I mean why not I know people that have met the love of their life from an online profile and being a blogger I spend 90% of my time on the internet anyways, so it couldn’t hurt. I set up the profile and the away I went. After about a week or so I have 3 dates lined up and I thought that this was going great until I went on some of the worst dates of my life. Don’t get me wrong I went on some great ones too. And I haven’t found Mr. Right Quite yet but I know that I found my mojo and confidence to know what I want thru this experience. And have learned a lot of what to go and what not to do when online dating.

1. DO pick your profile name wisely.

nene 1







There is no bigger turn off then getting a message from a guy that read “ Hello Beautiful” and then see that the profile namehe chose was “BigBootyLover” or “DoggyStyle69”. Your profile name is the first thing a potential date sees. Make sure it is something that is cute and not crude. That being said don’t have it be your full name either. That will just lead to a full on online stalking sesh from your potential dates and I mean some mystery is good.

2.  DONT Talk about all your former relationship issues on your profile or date.


I don’t know how many times I have gone on a date with a guy from these sites that brought up way too much about their ex. This is a BIG NO NO. Unless they ask you about your past relationships and why it ended, don’t bring it up. If they do ask, keep it short and sweet and move on from that. This is not something to talk about on the first date and I don’t wanna hear about how I ordered the same sushi roll that your ex used to order when you were together before she decided to get pregnant by your best friend and leave you .Also don’t up this stuff up on your profile either. This is the first impression you are giving so please don’t have a disclaimer on your page that says all the things you cant stand in a women and what you wont put up with.

3. DO put some effort in how you look in your profile pics

kim k

Profile pics should be cute and inviting. Make sure you pick a good angle and not a shirtless mirror pic from your bathroom. If your wouldn’t upload it on your Facebook page then don’t upload it on your dating profile. Lets keep it classy.

4. DONT come over dressed to your date.


I have been on so many dates that I wore some amazing heels to, thinking that all I would have to do a lot of walking in because well most amazing heels hurt like HELL. Only to have the guy say “ Hey why don’t we go for a walk down the riverfront.” or “ We don’t need a cab, lets walk to the froyo place 20 blocks away.” REALLLLLY! So save yourself and your feet from pain and know the plan before hand and plan accordingly.

5. DO be open minded.


Some of the best dates I went on were actually that I wouldn’t say was my typical “type”. Sometimes you end up really liking  the ones you didn’t think you would fall for. I admit some of the dates I would go one, I would say “ Its not a date its just free dinner” as a joke but I ended up being really surprised. They didn’t turn into anything long term but dating different people helps you determine what your TYPE is. And I’m not talking about physically, Im talking personality wise.



Be honest in your profile because it will come out and bite you in the butt. Being forthright in your profile or on your date is important because you have to look at it as if you do meet someone who is your forever person this is your first impressions. These moments are the basis of a relationship or so you hope. You don’t want that to be built on a lie from the start. I went on a date with a guy who was super sweet, we hit it off right away, dated for a few weeks and then it came out that his profile was a lie. That he lied to me about never being married and not having kids. That is something you cant move past.

7. DO be safe

full houise

Not going to lie, for as many nice, sweet guys on online dating, there are about a million creeps. Make sure you are cautious with who you talk to, give your number to and meet up with. Always meet in a public place and tell a friend where you will be just to be safe. Better to be safe than sorry.

8. DONT overthink on the first date


The first date can be nerve wrecking, especially when it comes to online dating. This is the first time you are meeting this person face to face. A lot goes through your mind: “ What if he doesn’t look like his pics” , “ What if I don’t look enough like my pics” “ What if he lied and he’s actually a balding 60yr old man who lives in his moms basement.” Stop stressing, you are both going to be having these thoughts so just have fun! Also don’t think too far into it on the first date. Because online first date is different then a normal first date don’t over think it and start stressing about “ can I see this going long term” , “ what will our children look like” , “ what if he is team Taylor and I’m team Kimye, cause that will never work” lol Unless there is a giant red flag, give it a second date. Its more relaxed and you can get a good feel for who they are.

9. DONT give it up too quickly


Make him work for it ladies! Don’t get me wrong Im all about female empowerment so if you really want to go for it. But for me I noticed that holding off for bit when you first start seeing someone will weed out who is there for you cause they actually like you and who just wants a piece of booty.

10. DO have fun!

kim r

Dating is supposed to be fun and exciting. Have fun with it and enjoy the journey of finding Mr. Right.




Going for the Gold 

I’ve been feeling very patriotic with the Olympics recently and clearly this has rubbed off into my wardrobe choices too! Like this look. What’s great about this look is you can wear the bottoms higher so it looks like a jumpsuit like I did here. OR you can wear them lower and show a little more skin! Keeping it casual with some brown lace up stacked heels and a denim jacket and this is a perfect day time look. Turn this into a night look with some strappy heels and a leather blazer or jacket. Either way you style it, you are sure to get a gold medal in looking chic:) 

Top: Gap
Culottes and denim jackets: Old Navy

Shoes: Just Fab

Watch: Michael Kors 

Sunglasses: Tom Ford 

Pins: Express

Coconut Blueberry Chia Popsicles 

On hot summer days there is nothing better then a cold Popsicle. But who wants all the sugar and chemicals that come with most of them ?!?!? Well on my quest to satisfy my craving and stay healthy, I cane across this recipe. Coconut Blueberry Chia Popsicles are easy, healthy and pretty!!!! 

Coconut Blueberry Chia Popsicles

1 Popsicle mold 

1 can of coconut milk 

1/4 cup chia seeds 

1 tbsp of stevia 

1 tbsp of vanilla extract 


Coconut flakes for garnish 

Step 1: mix together the coconut milk, stevia , vanilla extract and chia seeds ( let sit for a bit so chia seeds can expand) 

Step 2 : alternate layers of coconut mixture and blueberries In the molds

Step 3: place wooden handles in the molds ( they will stand on their own

Step 4: freeze over night 

Step 5: place in a bowl of hot water for 15 secs to loosen them out of the mold 

Step 6: dip in coconut flakes 

Step 7: ENJOY! 

Shopping is my Olympic sport 

Shopping on the weekends is my fave sport! Yes if it was a competition in Rio, I would bring home the Gold! This entire outfit ( minus the bag , shades and watch)  for a TOTAL of $150! Yes you read that correctly! Not only is this super on trend off the shoulder top adorable but it was only $15! Now if you have wider shoulders like myself, I balanced the wide neckline on this top with a wider flare pant to give the look symmetry. Paired with some fab leopard wedges , bag and beautiful turquoise necklace. This will be a hit for running errands, grabbing brunch or shopping like I was here 🙂 

Top: SheIn

Shoes: Just Fab

Watch: Michael Kors

Bag: Henri Bendel

Necklace: BaubleBar

Sunglasses: Tom Ford

Photo Cred: Liz Klien

Beach bag essentials

I know, I know , I know! You are all thinking ” Pam summer is almost over, you are a little bit behind on the beach bag game”. Well and I say to you…….. You’re right, if you live in the Midwest like I do, you only get maybe 3 solid beach months a year. So Im soaking it in for as long as I can!

 Here are my 10 beach essentials: 
1. Good lip balm with SPF Fresh advance lip balm

2. A staw hat for added sun protection like this one from Gap

3. A good pair of sunglasses. These  Ray-Ban aviators are amazing! 

4. A cute swim cover up. Nordstrom

5. Big beach blanket Etsy

6. Cute beach bag Etsy

7. Neutral sandals Tory Burch

8. An insulated water bottle. Swell bottle

9. Sunblock!!!!! Nordstrom

Outfit details: 

Cover up: ( old) similar Here

Shorts: Forever 21

Sunglasss: Tom Ford

Bag: Henri Bendel

Watch: Michael Kors