Sheer madness 

Sheer clothing is a huge trend for fall, hell Kim Kardashian has practically been walking around LA almost naked these last few weeks. But this trend can be really scary for anyone plus size or just not comfortable with their body! I wanted to try this trend for a while now but I’ll be honest was too afraid to rock it. Thinking I couldn’t pull it off. Then I realized that being afraid to rock this trend was sheer madness ! So, I just decided to say F what everyone says, F the “rules” and F what society thinks about being proud of your body as plus size women. Let me tell you this is one of my fave looks to date! I feel confident, sexy and chic. Plus I realized that the biggest critic I have was the one in my own head. So go out there, be confident and rock this trend no matter what shape or size you are:) 

Skirt: Universal Standard

Top: c/o Universal standard

Bra: Hips and Curves

Shoes: ASOS

Bag: c/o torrid ( sold out) 

Sunglasses: the real real 


How to become more of a morning person. 

I admit, I’m not a morning person at all! I love my sleep and my comfy bed. So it has been a constant struggle in the morning to wake up happy and ready to take on the day. Recently I have been trying to make a conscious effort to try to become more of a morning person so I can be more productive. It’s definitely a work in progress. So I thought I would share my tips on what has helped me recently to achieve this goal, since I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this. 

1. Make your bed

One of the things that I have be notorious for was to get ready or start to get ready and then lay back down and fall back asleep. I have noticed that if I make my bed in the morning right when I get up, that it prevents this from happening. You are less likely to mess up your perfectly made bed to go back to bed. Plus you feel like you’ve accomplished or adulted first thing in the morning. 

2. Use an energizing skincare routine

My newest fave morning skin care routine actually was recently gifted to me from Origins. The ginzing is invigorating and smells amazing while helping you wake up in the morning. 

3.Cut down on tech time 

Now I know that I’m super guilty of doing this. Sometimes either before bed or right when you wake up you scroll through your phone to check emails or Facebook or Pinterest. Hey we have all been there. But this habit is actually making you get less restful sleep at night and is keeping you tired throughout the day. Instead turn off the gadgets 1 hr before bed and 1 hr after you wake up so that you are fully present for your day. 

4.Meditation or journal

Use your one hr of no tech time in the morning to pray, meditate or journal. This you time is important to set the tone for you and to prepare your intentions and attitudes for the coming day ahead. 


Most of us go right for the coffee or matcha first thing in the morning! And don’t get me wrong, I love my caffeine just as much as the rest of you. But being dehydrated can really take a toll on the energy in the morning. So before you grab your coffee, have a glass of water to ensure you are starting the day off right. 

6. Exercise

Working out in the morning will not only get that damn cardio out of the way first thing in the morning. But it will also give you lasting energy for the whole day:) 

Trends on trends on trends 

This outfit has everything, tassels, lace up details, cold shoulder and the it bag of the summer. Which I know what you’re thinking” Pam, you always talk about how less is more, so why are you wearing so many trends at once?”  Don’t get me wrong, I still think less is more, but this outfit works and here’s why. The key to wearing a lot of trends at once is to keep some aspect of the outfit  cohesive. I kept it all in the same color pallet, and each of the trends are not overpowering. Keeping everything in the black and red color pallet ( minus the bag, but the wooden bag is a neutral so it works) will tie the whole look together without it looking like it’s too much. 

This romper is perfect to dress up or down. The lace up neck and cold shoulder make it flirty while the knit material is so comfy. A red braided belt ties the look in with my bright red tassle earrings and Gladiator sandals pair perfectly with the lace up detailing on the top. Then add a bamboo clutch for some added texture and a pop agaist the color pallet.

Romper: c/o Perfectly Priscilla

Belt: old Similar here

Shoes: c/o Torrid

Clutch: Cult Gaia ( size large) 

Earrings: Baublebar

Sunglasses: Tom Ford

It’s all in the details 

They say less is more, and sometimes there is more than meets the eye. This outfit is both! I’ve partnered  with New Look for some fun items that showcase the hidden details that make each one of these pieces. 

Having pieces in your closet that have some amazing details in them can make your outfit stand out from everyone else’s. This doesn’t mean you need to put on every trend and look like you just got attacked by a forever 21 clearance rack. This means subtle details that can be put together for one cohesive look. 

This yellow chiffon top is not only an oversized gem, but the ruching at the neck line and sleeves give it some detailing. Paired with black denim with the most adorable Pom Pom trim and the bottom make these jeans anything but basic. 

Then to tie it all together the accessories! Black heels with pearl detailed here keep the look just as exciting going as it is coming. And the Monogrammed Henri bendel cross body is perfect with a little Karl lagerfeld tassle charm to give it just a little more personality. 

Moral of the story, less is more but that doesn’t mean less has to be boring. You just have to find the hidden gems:) 
Outfit details: 

Top:New Look

Jeans: New Look ( sold out) 

Heels: Similar

HandBag: Henri Bendel

How I went from being terrified of public speaking to hosting events! 

I admit the thought of public speaking used to terrify me! I would get shaky and sweaty, which isn’t a good look for this fashionista. I would always go over the worst case scenario in my head. ” what if I fall” ” what if I stumble on my words” ” what if everyone hates me”. Thankfully I was able to get over this fear and here are my 5 steps to help you overcome this too. 

1. Sometimes you just have to get out of your comfort zone! 

About 2 years ago I started doing live tv segments with Fox 6 and that has been the best way for me to get over my fear! Just getting out there and facing my fear head on was so beneficial to me. And trust me the first few times were nerve wrecking! I would be soooooooo nervous but then after a while I got more and more comfortable. Now it’s just second nature and easy. Sometimes the best way to get over something is to JUST DO IT! 

2. Be prepared

I noticed that when I prepared for what I was going to say that my nerves weren’t as bad. So if you are going to be public speaking, write out a script! Go over your lines and rehearse them. My time to go over what I’m going to say is in the car. Granted other drivers might think I’m crazy, but I will be well prepared and know exactly what I want to say.

3. Know that you will mess up 

It’s ineveitable, you’re going to mess something up. But know that 99% of the time YOU are the ONLY one who noticed. You are your worst critic and if you stumble on your words, most people will not notice. Now if you have a nipslip on stage than people are probably gonna notice lol 😂 

4. Don’t stick to the script

The best way to stay cam during a a public speaking event is to just have a conversation with the audience. Don’t get stiff and freeze up, but talk like you are talking to your best friend. If you are still nervous find a friend in the room and pretend you are just talking to them for a bit while you calm down. Yes you want to read from the script but that should be a guide. 
5. Have fun! 

The best way to loosen up on stage is to have fun! Have a fun ritual that gets you hyped up! Mine is to have a danc party in the car or in the dressing room before hand. Get pumped up and have fun! 
This last week I had the HONOR to host the Best of Bridal Awards for Wisconsin Bride Magazine. It was so much fun! And if you would like to see me host live and in person make sure you get tickets to the Milwaukee Walk Fashion Show June 9th at Turner Hall! 

Office refresh with Graphique de France! 

I think the key to a productive work day and getting creative content is having an inviting workspace. As most of you know I did a huge office remodel on one of the guest rooms at my house about a year ago. And I much as I loved that space, I found it to be too busy for actually working. 

I wanted a cleaner more cohesive look but I also wanted it to still have character. And I got just that with Graphique de France! They provided the cutest office accessories that make my space fun and inviting! 

Now I can’t wait to work at my office space on great content because everything is so cute! Lol 

Folders: Graphique de France

Notebook: Graphique de France

Pen: Graphique de France

Pouch: Graphique de France

Tumbler: Graphique de France

Staycation at the Journeyman 

Life can get so hectic sometimes, we put our careers, money, daily stress and practically anything else over our mental clarity. We so often forget to take some time out and spend quality time to regroup and gain some mental clarity and relaxation. Well May is a crazy busy month for me, not only does Mother’s Day fall in there but so does mine and my moms bithday! Which means I thought that it would make a perfect excuse for a girls night with my Mom, not only to celebrate our birthdays but, a staycation, to relax and just catch up. 

The Kimpton Journeyman Hotel in downtown Milwaukee was the perfect place to host this girls night. From the minute you walk in the door you are greeted with a genuinely friendly staff to help ensure your stay is perfect. The hotel itself is a bloggers heaven, everywhere you turn there is a picture perfect backdrop for an Instagram post. The decor is an elegant mix of modern and vintage. 

The little touches in the room itself were what set this hotel apart from anywhere else in the area. From the vintage alarmclock on the nightstand to the faux fur bench under the window to showcase the gorgeous view of the Third Ward. The red detailed dresser to the gold fixtures in the bathroom, the attention to the details in the rooms is beyond measure.

When you are ready to enjoy a cocktail, you have to head to the top floor and enjoy the amazing view from The Outsider. Twinkle lights, fire pits, comfy couches and amazing drinks. It’s the perfect place for a girls night or a date night. ( btw you have to try my fave cocktail there: Persephone’s Return. You will not be disappointed) 

If you are in the mood for some delish food or desert ( the toffee cake is to die for) head downstairs to Tre Rivaili. From homemade pasta to wood fire pizza, you can find something to everyone here and trust me everything is delish! 

Overall my girls night staycation with my mom was a success and The Journeyman is top notch! I will definitely be staying there again and with summer here this hotel is the perfect place to stay for a great trip to Milwaukee. 

Book your stay today at: HERE

Pajama Rama 

When I first saw this pajama trend, I admit, I was skeptical. I knew I wanted to try it out but I also knew that there was a definite fine line between chic and rolled out of bed vibes to this look. Then the Victoria Beckham line preview came out at Target and there it was. This amazing pajama suit with these gorgeous lillies on it. I instantly knew this was meant for me. 

The day finally arrived and where the collection launched and I was in Las Vegas drinking bottomless mimosas, ordering practically the entire line but making sure that I got multiple sizes of this suit! I was so nervous that the fit would be off and then it would be sold out when I returned it. And I’m so glad I did! The top fits true to size but I had to go up 2 sizes in the pants due to the fit of these. Plus the whole suit was under $80!!! 

Now I wear this Look whenever I want to look ultra chic. Or I wear them as separates for so many different looks! The versatility is endless. 

Here I paired it with satin mules and a bracelet bag for an all around fabulous look. 

Pants: target

Shirt: Target

Bag: Target

Shoes: Akira

Sunnies: Quay

The perfect foundation

One of the keys to having a great outfit is having solid foundation pieces underneath the outfit. The right bras, panties or shape wear can make out break a look. How many times do you see a cute outfit but can tell that the bra doesn’t fit right or just creates that awful back roll because the band rolls?!?!! I see this so many times and let me tell you some amazing news. You don’t have to suffer from that anymore, thanks to Soma! I’ve partnered with Soma Intimates to showcase the new vanishing back bra. 

This bra comes in 3 different styles wireless, front closure and full coverage. They come in so many adorable colors and a wide range of sizes. This bra has been my saving grace for many outfits because of its wide back smoothing panels to eliminate that dreaded back fat. 

Make sure you check it out and get yours today so that you have the perfect foundation to all of your outfits:) 


1. Mint: Wireless

2. Coral: Front closure

3. Periwinkle: Full coverage

Kimono: Forever 21 (old) Similar

Getting ready with Lancôme 

One of my fave parts of my day is getting ready. I love the whole process of doing my makeup and experiementing with different looks. There is just something so relaxing and luxurious about it for me. 

Good makeup and can make or break your outfit and there is nothing sexier than a great blog lip, especially a red lip and dewy skin. Thanks to the people at Lancome I have found some of my new fave products to achieve that look! 

The L’absolu Rogue Hydrating Shaping Lipstick is so creamy and smooth. It’s ultra hydrating nad the super pigmented! 

My top 4 color picks are: 

1. 202 NUIT & JOUR (Sheer Nude)

2. 132 CAPRICE (Creamy Red) ( what I’m wearing in the pics) 

3. 397 BERRY NOIR (Matte Berry)
4. 378 ROSE LANCÔME MATTE (Matte Pink) 
To achieve dewy luminous skin I love the Absolu  Radiant Smoothing Powder. It is lightweight and provides a subtle highlight. Perfect for setting makeup or add some glow for a simple day look! The two colors I love are Peche and Golden.

Now have some fun getting ready ladies! 

Outfit details: 

Lingerie: Lane Bryant