2018 Gift Guide: Gifts that Give Back

1.LSTN Speaker

Give the gift of good music while also helping people in need get hearing aids.

2.Give a Lotto

Every scratch off is a winner, but it’s not money! You win a donation of either clean water, solar power, meals or literacy supplies for those in need!

3.FEED bag

While this bag is not only ultra chic, the purchase of this supplies 100 meals for underprivileged school children.

4.One Hope Wine

This rainbow glitter bottle of wine is not just gorgeous, it’s proceeds also go to the Trevor Project. This cause helps prevent the suicide of LGBTQ youth.

5.Stamped bracelet

Portion of the proceeds of this bracelet go to support Planned Parenthood!

6. Sudara Robe

This gorgeous robe has such a huge cause behind it. The proceeds from these pieces go to help stop sex trafficking.

7.Love your Melon hat

Look cute this winter and support the effort to find a cure for pediatric cancer.

8.Grounds and hounds

This coffee brand helps support the rescue or neglected dogs and give them a second chance.

9.Lush Charity Pot

Lotion that supports environmental, animal welfare and human rights groups? Yes please!

10.Tatcha Rice Polish

Exfoliate your skin and help send girls to school with every purchase!


2018 Gift Guide: For the Home

1.Coffee table book

This will look chic on any coffee table.


This high tech thermostat will help your loved one save money all year long.

3.Decorative accents

This rose quartz and stand is gorgeous, glam and also is supposed to attract love!

4.Glam kitchen utensils

These are glam enough to keep out of that junk drawer of kitchen utensils we all have and display them on the counter.


These have so many uses! On the coffee table for remotes and coasters. Or maybe on the dresser for perfumes!

6.Fuzzy Blanket

For those cozy nights in.

7.Cheese board

Up their hostessing game with this marble and copper cheese board.

8.Wine preserver

Sometimes you just want that once glass of wine, but you don’t want to open a new bottle. This lets you have a single glass without ever popping the cork!

9.Fun Decor

Fun accent pieces are always great conversation starters and add a bit of charm to any room.

10.Champs saber

Ok I know this is a little out there but I mean come on hasn’t EVERYONE wanted to try to saber a champagne bottle at one point!

2018 Gift Guide: Pam’s Favorite Things

1.Makeup melter

This stuff is no joke! Literally melts your makeup off with ease at the end of the night!

2.Luxe Candle

Not only does this candle smell amazing but after you burn through it you can use the container for a chic makeup brush holder

3.Cozy sweater

I have one of these sweaters in my car, in my living room, my office, anywhere that I might get chilly! It’s so cozy and chic.

4.Signature scent

This scent is my go to for a day fragrance!

5.Statement Earrings

I love a good statement earring and these ones from the Kendra Scott winter collection are to die for!

6.Massive wine glasses

Every time I drink out of these I feel like Olivia Pope!

7.Gratitude Jar

Everyday put down something you’re grateful for, and read it at the end of the year or when you are feeling down!


These are my fave sunnies! They go with everything!

9.Comfy over the knee boots

Not only are these a wardrobe staple, they are so comfy!

10.Investment piece

Yes, this is pricey, but this bag will never go out of style.

2018 Gift Guide: Splurge Worthy

1.Fab Perfume

I mean I think it says it all in the name……. it’s Fing Fabulous

2.Classic Handbag

Yes this handbag has a high price point but it will NEVER go out of style.

3.Heater/ Fan

I mean it’s a heater, it’s a fan, it’s a dyson so you know it’s great.

4.La Mer

The holy grail for skincare!!! Once they try this they will never use anything else .

5.Chic bracelet

This bracelet can also be customized with birthstones!

6.Hermes Blanket

This is the Rolls Royce of blankets.


The biggest damn candle you’ll ever see.

8.Dyson blow dryer

Cut their time getting ready in the morning with this chic blow dryer.


Why go to a coffee shop when you can bring the coffee shop to you!


Ultra fab distressed sneakers!

2018 Gift Guide: For Him

1.Denim Jacket

This will go with anything in his wardrobe. Even his old fraternity shirt that’s 10yrs old lol


Chic boots never go out of style


Matte black headphones…..what man wouldn’t love those?

4.Do anything button

Program this button to control the lights, the music, your sprinklers, to call you a cab …..practically anything!

5.Whiskey set

Now he can make his perfect cocktail all the time at home


Get him thinking about his skin and how tot are care of it, this brush helps aging as well as deep cleansing.

7.Date night idea

Get him this survival kit for your next date night in.

8.Google Home

Because, well, it’s just awesome.

9.Cashmere sweater

I mean, how great would this look with the denim jacket and the boots…….. just saying.

10.Custom blueprint

Is your man a huge sports fan? Get him this awesome custom blueprint art piece of his fave teams stadium.

2018 Gift Guide: Beauty Lover

1.Perfect Mask

This mask is super hydrating. Great for traveling, winter weather and to use as a sleeping mask.

2.Beauty Blender

You can never have too many beauty blenders! And this one is a surprise bag, you don’t know what color you’re gonna get.

3.Perfect red lip

Finding the perfect red lip is a feat most women struggle with, so this universally flattering red lip is going to be a hit with everyone!

4.Makeup Organizer

This beauty lover probably has a ton of products and no where to put it! So help them out with a chic organizer!

5.Bright highlight

The brighter the highlight the better. Am I right?


Add it to water, juice, smoothie or tea and get younger skin. It’s that easy!

7.Good Hair

Not just Becky is gonna have good hair this holiday season once you give someone this drybar faves kit!

8.Glam mirror

You need that good lighting to get your look just right.


New brushes are always a welcomed gift by the beauty lover

10.Stunning shadows

Nude eyeshadow is a staple for all beauty cabinets and this one is gorgeous.

2018 Gift Guide: under $50

1. Cozy blanket $38

Who doesn’t love a night in with a cozy blanket??

2.Cookbook $29

New recipes and adorable pics of Chrissy and John? WIN

3.Champagne toppers $29

Up their champagne game with these yummy toppers!

4.Rose Quartz Roller $40

The latest trend in skincare, rolling! Plus rose quartz is supposed to attract love!

5.Candle $38

Let’s be real, everyone likes a good candle!

6. Beauty dust $38

Good skin starts from the inside,out!

7. Fuzzy Slippers $29

Chic, cozy and fuzzy……. enough said.

8.Winter accessories $14

Winter gear isn’t always cute, but this hat is adorable!

9. Personalized Nameplate $40

A custom personalized necklace is the perfect accessory that will never go out of style.

10.Scarf $30

Tie it in your hair, or on you purse, or around you neck…… the options are endless with an adorable scarf!